Meet the Author

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I was born in the Blue Sky state of Washington in King County. Born the youngest of four children, I was always encouraged to give free reign to my creative abilities. When I was just six months old, my parents divorced and I spent the majority of my early and adolescent years with his mother.  From my early teens I have loved storytelling. I found a sort of magic from fiction and imagination.  Books allowed me to visit exotic ports of call without needing a bank full of money. It seems that our children are loosing their zeal for books and for reading.  It is my life's purpose to provide stories that will continue to inspire as well as educate.  I hope you enjoy my work.

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Laura Jacob is an educator with over 15 years of teaching experience and is the reason this book series exists today.  She came to me one day, frustrated with the lack of quality teaching materials for her students.  With her help I created this series that follows the existing science curriculum for each grade level.  She has been invaluable In helping me level each series appropriately.  It has been a challenge at times to develop the story line around the science standards but she has helped and encouraged me every step of the way.  She continues to oversee this work and help me make it truly something special.