10 Ways to Cultivate a Love of Reading in Your Child

       It’s as true today as when they first coined the phrase, “Reading is Fundamental”.  Reading quality material is exercise for the mind.  Whether it’s Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” or just another edition of “The Twilight Saga”, children will reap amazing benefits from spending time with you, reading.  […]

Detective Andy Spencer’s Favorite Recipes 2

Favorite Recipes – Jacob Literary      Everyone knows what a world traveler Andy Spencer is.  He’s been to the deepest darkest jungles of Africa, to the wilds of Oregon and he even spent some time in India.              Combine that with the fact that he […]

A Few Fun Science Activities for Parents and Children 9

[social_share style=”bar” align=”horizontal” heading_align=”above” heading=”Please share this post with your friends.” facebook=”1″ twitter=”1″ google_plus=”1″ linkedin=”1″ pinterest=”1″ /] A Few Fun Interactive Science Activities for Parents and Children  The Magically Inflating Balloon       This activity teaches children about the properties of Matter, gasses, liquids and solids and comes from the […]

Author by day, Piper by night. Living the Dream. 2

     One of my big challenges is finding things to blog about. The gurus on the web suggest various topics. For example: “Let the readers know something unique about yourself”, they say. Okay, I can do that. So here goes.      Let me start by sharing my Bagpipers […]

5 Proven Ways To Build Wealth and Prosperity 3

From Renown Spiritual Teacher  Welcome, humble seeker of truth.  Have a seat at the feet of the master and learn of the 5 secrets to wealth and prosperity.  I have gleaned this wisdom from the four sages of the outer realm.  Though I have been sworn to secrecy on penalty of […]

A Few Good Moms 3

OK, listen up recruits. We’re Looking for a few good moms to join our task force.  My name is Sergeant Crass and I’m heading up a team of crack specialists to take it to the enemy.  Now, who’s with me? You, there in the pink jumpsuit, I see you.  Hunched over […]

That Which We Value We Become 2

That Which We Value We Become I was beginning my day, as usual when a thought struck me, “What is it that is of most worth?”  A truly deep question to be sure.  Nah, I’m not touching that this morning.  However this deep thought led to another pensive meditation about […]

Time for Meet The Stars! 4

“Hello, and welcome again to another episode of Meet the Stars.  I’m your host, Bruce Bogsly and during this segment we’re going to get up close and personal with The Stars!” Bruce paused to allow the audience to comply with the written cue cards that announced the word, “Applause” and then he continued, […]

A Newsletter? No Way! 4

Newsletter Yes Way!      That’s right folks I have broken down and done what I swore I would not do, create a newsletter.  Those of you who know me well, know that I have prided myself for providing fun and entertaining newsletters, albeit not tremendously informative.  Well guess what?  Here goes […]

What’s a Gumshoe? 2

What’s a Gumshoe? I was having an interesting conversation the other day with someone. “What do you do”, I was asked. Hmm, Well I breath, eat, sleep and occasionally try not to get mowed down by the next door neighbor’s teenage kid driving like a maniac, was my response. “No, […]