Join Team Gumshoe

Have you always wanted to do something great with your life?  

Do you have the guts and grit it takes to tackle the really tough stuff?  

     That's great! Good for you. You don't need any of that stuff here, but it's good to know you have it, just in case.   
           No,we just need a few good moms, kids, and dads willing to help spread the word. If you would like to join the Gumshoe Bureau Street Team just send me your official application (Actually, an email saying as much will suffice) and you can join our elite team.  
          What's in it for you?  So glad you asked.  As an official Gumshoe Agent you will receive the following:

  • An official standard issue Gumshoe Alert Whistle (assuming I can find them at the dollar store.)

  • A cool certificate (Suitable for framing) letting everyone know you are an official GBE Agent.

  • A special laminated I.D. Badge with your picture and detective rank  (It's the real deal)

  • Exclusive pre-release copies of the newest Gumshoe Archives volumes that you can review and provide suggestions on.  

    (These will be sent out as they become available, not with initial detective packet.)  

          Too good to be true?  Oh contraire mon ami.  As a JD1 you'll be asked to help spread the word by:

  • Forwarding the newsletter to your friends and associates
  • Recruiting people for our newsletter subscription
  • Participating in the pre-release review and suggestion activities
  • We're also planning to have Google hang out events where you can collaborate with me and ask all the questions your heart desires. (Still working on that but coming soon.)

Hurry, space is limited.  Join today and make a difference!

detective ID